Finding the Right Wholesale Suppliers

The wholesale industry is large and about 50 of the largest wholesale distribution facilities generate 25% of industry revenue. Wholesalers serve retailers and other service businesses through a variety of distribution channels and supply chains. At the top of the chain are manufacturers which include importers or exclusive distributors who also sell to wholesalers. Next are wholesalers or regional distributors who distribute the goods locally and brokers or jobbers who deliver goods to local small businesses.… Read the rest

10 Wholesale packs Long Bindis/Face Gems Jewels/Fancy Bindis Lots/Bollywood Bindi Packs/Multi Color Bindis/Eye Forehead Belly Dance Jewelry

Product Description
This Listing is for: ** Wholesale designer bollywood Long bindis packs as shown in the pic. ** Each card contains 5 or more bindis. ** High quality stone & gum. ** Designs of bindis would be different from the pic. ** You will get multicolor bindis. Usually worn on Forehead and Belly Buttons / Navel or any exposed Body part. * Use this Bindi as you like, adorn it on your forehead, or your belly button, on your arm or even as a nose pin, nail art decoration,scrap book decoration the possibilities are endless.… Read the rest

Bingcute 100Pcs Wholesale Bulk Lots Tibetan Silver Plated Mixed Pendants Charms Jewelry

Product Description
Silver Pewter Charms Mega Mix. 100 lead and nickel and cadmium-free silver pewter jewelry and craft charms. 1/4 to 1". Good Making For Jewelry

Price: $5.75
  • random choice from more than 120 types
  • 100 lead and nickel and cadmium-free silver pewter jewelry and craft charms expect count may be +/- 5%
  • Assorted themes great array of subjects and styles for all kinds of interests Great for parties or groups
  • It is not sterling silver, The material is Zinc with old silver finished
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